Makonde Ujamaa Family Tree of Life Sculpture 01

$ 1,500.00

Makonde art is an indigenous art form of the Makonde people, an ethnic tribe residing in southeast Tanzania and northern Mozambique.  Their ancient tradition of creating intricate carvings is believed to predate the 1700s.  Makonde art has become an important part of contemporary African Art.

One of the most famous types of Makonde Sculpture is the “Ujamaa” Family Tree of Life Sculpture which originated back to the 1950’s.  The family tree is known as Ujamaa which is the 4th principle of kwanzaa and means togetherness and family in Kiswahili.  The Tree of Life sculpture depict several interlocking human figures, as a symbol of unity and continuity.  The Ujamaa art represents the extended African family living and working together to achieve a common goal which is nurturing and caring for the family. 

Handmade in Tanzania by Joseph Singombe.  This is a definitely a collector’s item.  100% Tanzanian Ebony Wood.

Measures 18 H" x 8" W.  Base is 13" Wide