Experience The Vibrant Culture and Rich Flavors of Tanzania at the "Taste of Tanzania" Event in Westchester - Luangisa African Gallery

Experience The Vibrant Culture and Rich Flavors of Tanzania at the "Taste of Tanzania" Event in Westchester


Tanzania, a land of breathtaking landscapes, warm-hearted people, and diverse ethnic groups, is a treasure trove of cultural wonders. Tanzania's heritage tells captivating tales from the majestic Maasai warriors to the graceful Swahili culture.



Taste of Tanzania, an enchanting celebration of Tanzanian culture, scheduled for August 5th, 2023, aims to bring Tanzania's vibrant spirit, rich traditions, and exquisite flavors to Westchester. Luangisa African Gallery sponsors this eagerly anticipated event to benefit the Luangisa African Museum and Cultural Arts Center. It promises to transport attendees on a sensory journey through this East African nation's diverse landscapes, rich traditions, and delicious cuisine.



On Saturday, August 5th, in Westchester, Taste of Tanzania invites everyone to immerse themselves in a country's sights, sounds, and tastes teeming with natural beauty and cultural diversity. This family-friendly event will showcase Tanzania's vibrant traditions through a captivating array of activities, fashion showcases, performances, and mouthwatering culinary delights.




The event will begin with a breathtaking opening ceremony featuring traditional Tanzanian music and a live dancing and drumming performance. Tanzania's music and dance will undoubtedly get your feet tapping! From the high-energy beats of Bongo Flava to the graceful moves of traditional Ngoma dances, the rhythm of Tanzania will leave you captivated and craving more.






The true star of the event will undoubtedly be the tantalizing Tanzanian cuisine. Sample the distinctive flavors of Tanzania by indulging in traditional dishes such as Pilau, Chapati, and the renowned grilled Mishkaki! Every bite will take you on a culinary adventure, showcasing the unique blend of African, Indian, and Arab influences that make Tanzanian food so distinctive and delightful.



Fashion Showcase

The colorful Maasai people are renowned for their distinctive dress and jewelry. Their vibrant shukas and intricate beadwork reflect their proud nomadic lifestyle and deep-rooted connection with nature. The fashion showcase will focus exclusively on featuring and promoting Tanzanian fashion styles and ethnic attires like the Tanzanian Maasai Shuka, Kangas, and Kitenges. The Kangas and Kitenges are the fabrics of Tanzanian culture.





Pop-Up Shop: The LUANGISA Market

Throughout the event, guests can explore and shop unique items from the Luangisa African Gallery pop-up shop. The shop will provide a glimpse of Tanzania's rich artisanal crafts, vibrant fabrics, traditional jewelry, and more!




Don't miss this exciting chance to experience Tanzania's sights, sounds, and tastes. Join us at Taste of Tanzania on the 5thof August and embark on a cultural journey that will leave you inspired and hungry for more.

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Taste of Tanzania

Presented by: Luangisa African Gallery

 Location: Westchester, New York

 Date: Saturday, August 5th

 Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Join the celebration of Tanzanian culture on the 5th of August in Westchester. Doors open at 6 pm.

See you there!

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