Luangisa Foundation

My father’s journey to the ancestors took place on Monday May 25th 2015 at 11:15 am. He always believed that it was a privilege to help ours.  Over 60 years of his political career in Tanzania, this privilege has become my passion.  I have established the Luangisa Foundation in his honor to give back to the community – the whole Tanzanian community.

My father, Samuel Ntambala Luangisa was born and raised in Bukoba, Tanzania.  His commitment to giving, which actually began long before his extraordinary political career, has over the years enriched his community in which he lived and worked.  He was a valued contributor in ringing in the Independence of Tanzania in the early 60’s.

I am proud to carry my father’s legacy forward and to reaffirm his values and priorities.  For his family, he was a loving husband, father and grand father.  For the whole human family, he personified unselfishness.

I remain determined to do anything and everything possible to continue my father’s legacy of respect, kindness, and compassion for those who deserve help especially the women and children of Tanzania. With every sale on our website, 20% will go towards the Luangisa Foundation. It is our hope that we inspire others to do the same.

Rose Luangisa