Discover Beautiful Handmade Baskets from Luangisa African Gallery - Luangisa African Gallery

Discover Beautiful Handmade Baskets from Luangisa African Gallery

African basketry is a unique craft that various indigenous groups of people share. From the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda to the Tonga tribe in Zimbabwe, the Gurune tribe in Ghana, and the Zulu tribe in South Africa, basket-making is an integral part of these communities for social, spiritual, or functional use. 


Historically, African baskets have been used for agricultural practices such as sifting, filtering, collecting and carrying crops, and porting produce to markets. African baskets have also been used for storing spices and tobacco and serving food and beverages in the household.

For example, in Guinea and Liberia, rice storage stacks form part of a bride’s dowry. Woven basket fiber products include sleeping and eating mats, fish traps, handbags, and carry baskets.


Basket-making is integral in modern community life and has evolved into a highly expressive contemporary art form. Different weaving fibers are used to make stylish baskets: Telephone wire, copper wire, beads, plastics, recycled bags, tin, and recycled fabric over Ilala palm.



Ilala palm, sisal leaves, fiber, raffia (African bamboo), fibrous trees, plant roots such as Makenge, vines, leaves (banana and palm), cane, bark wood, and papyrus are traditional fibers used in basketry. The fiber choice reflects the local habitat. The production methods of basket making include coiling, plaiting, twining, and cross or chequerboard weaving techniques. The end usage determines the basket’s size, shape, and features.

The basket design is created by weaving with different colors. Dyes are achieved from natural sources like roots, bark, fruit and berries, leaves, clay, dung, or combinations of the above.


While baskets have a naturally eclectic vibe, you can easily make them work for various décor styles, vintage-inspired, boho, traditional, rustic, coastal, or modern spaces.



At Luangisa, our baskets are hand woven by skillful and incredible artisan weavers who embody creativity and superb craftsmanship. Made from all-natural materials and woven in Africa, these unique African Baskets are for storage, decor, and more and are available in various colors and sizes. 


  1. Rwanda & Kigali Basket - Rwanda


Beautiful hand-woven basket made from embroidery thread, locally sourced sisal grass, and glass bead: great tabletop display and wall art. Every visitor to your home will be impressed by them. You can also give them to friends and families as unique housewarming, birthday, wedding, and holiday gifts.

Luangisa African Gallery Style Tip: A waterfall of textured, woven baskets creates a ton of visual appeal. Style our Rwanda/Kigali basket on an accent wall or next to your sofa for an eclectic display


  1. Cowrie Shell Bowl Basket – Burkina Faso


Beautiful baskets with a cowrie shell rim handmade in Burkina Faso. These decorative and functional baskets can be used as fruit baskets on your kitchen countertops, dining tables, and coffee tables. 


Luangisa African Gallery Style Tip: Adding a touch of décor to your space creates a more personalized and interesting look. Organize your desk, coffee table, or dresser with small woven baskets for keeping everything from lotions and makeup brushes to jewelry, pens, cables, remote controls, or even your craft materials. 

  1. Plant Basket Holder - Ghana


If you are hunting for a way to spruce up a space, consider placing your plants in these plant basket holders. The Plant Basket Holder is the perfect perch for your favorite plant.

Luangisa African Gallery Style Tip: Handwoven in Ghana from thick, tough elephant grass, our durable Plant Baskets add a lovely touch of warmth to the vestibule or doorway.

  1. Iringa Baskets - Tanzania


This lovely basket is the perfect way to add a touch of texture to any space. Handmade by women artisans using locally sustainable and biodegradable fibers in rural Iringa in Tanzania, these durable baskets are great for organizing your home in style or as a sturdy planter.

Luangisa African Gallery Gift Idea: Seeking the ultimate gift for home décor enthusiasts? You can’t go wrong with this beautiful woven basket since the recipient will have endless styling possibilities at their disposal.

  1. Makenge Marriage Basket - Zambia


The most skilled Mbunda craftswomen weave our Makenge Marriage baskets. These baskets are handcrafted using tough Makenge roots and natural dyes. The patterns convey messages of beauty, marriage, and family.

Luangisa African Gallery Style Tip: Instantly transform your décor. These beautiful woven baskets turn a bare wall into a dramatic focal point; their rich textures, earthy colors, and unique handcrafted details add homey warmth to any space. Don’t want to hang your baskets? Add a few baskets to a shelf to create a visually appealing look.


  1. Tonga Baskets - Zimbabwe


The craftswomen of the Tonga tribe are renowned for their incredible basket-weaving techniques and fine artisanship. These globally styled baskets are intricately hand-woven by the women artisans from the Tonga tribe living in Northern Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley. These basket vase bowls are woven from Ilala palm fibers native to Zimbabwe. Each basket is a masterpiece and showcases a craft perfected from generation-to-generation. 

Luangisa African Gallery Style Tips:

*Perfect style for rustic, traditional, and contemporary settings: This remarkable interior décor offers an ornamental accent to modern and traditional homes.

*These beautiful and functional baskets are perfect for holding, displaying, and serving decorative items, nuts, candies, vegetables, fruits, etc. 

*Focus on variety. Mix and match various Tonga basket styles with similar colors to create a super interesting gallery wall. 



Each basket is hand-woven by African artisans in a fair-trade environment. Mix pieces of the Luangisa Africa Basket Collection for an effortlessly easy way to decorate any space in your home. These baskets also make the perfect gift for your loved ones who appreciate African Art and culture.



Your purchase supports the artisan communities who produce these products and helps preserve these traditional crafts and cultures.

Click here to discover the newly restocked African Baskets in various colors and sizes.

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