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Yoruba Beaded Chair: The Ultimate Functional Art Piece You Should Own

The Yoruba have traditionally been among Africa's most skilled and productive artisans. They are responsible for some of the finest artistic traditions in Africa. Most Yoruba art has a meaning and reason behind it. Some items are created for worship or celebration, sometimes as a commemoration of Yoruba culture. Many artisans come from a long lineage of artists and study new and ancient techniques.

Yoruba Beaded Chairs 

The Yoruba beaded royal chair underscores the ancestral glory, authority, and honor of the Yoruba Kingship. The design of the beaded chairs derives from the royal chairs used by kings and queens from the Yoruba tribe, one of the three largest ethnic groups of Nigeria in West Africa.

 Yoruba Beaded Chairs

Thrones remain some of the most fascinating furniture. With similar parameters—the armrests, a high back, and rich ornamentation—these chairs denote power, strength, and wisdom.


An exquisite and functional piece of African art, the Yoruba chairs are intricately hand-embellished with thousands of glass seed beads applied to fabric covers, stitched, or glued onto the chair frame.


Each piece takes three months to make. Traditionally used by the Yoruba Kingships and royal court, these chairs will make you feel like royalty.

 Yoruba Beaded Chairs

In brilliant shades of jungle green, blue, ornate red, and orange, these tribal armchairs are the perfect garden chairs. These tribal armchairs feature geometric patterns with masked faces, flowers, and plants. 


Each piece of this lively, dynamic, and colorful collection is delicately upholstered.



The Yoruba beaded chairs are the best representation of furniture as art. Instantly transform your décor setting by bringing home this traditional-style accent chair.

Great for an outdoor patio and always a talking point; relax outdoors in your backyard and garden with this iconic beaded chair.

The chair's low profile invites you to sit back and relax—style this one-of-a-kind piece in your living room, alcove, or hallway.


At Luangisa, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our Home Decor collection. Click here to discover our one-of-a-kind collection of artisan made items and pre-order your Yoruba Beaded Chair.  

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