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JuJu Hats: The Pride of the Bamileke Tribe


The Juju Hat is a traditional feather headdress that originates from the Grassfields region of Cameroon.

For centuries, the Bamileke tribes created the Juju hats for their tribal chiefs, royal families, and luminaries to wear during tribal ceremonies. Palace dancers also wear them during festivities and ceremonies. They are regarded as symbols of prosperity, success, and good health.





At Luangisa African Gallery, our beautiful textured Juju Hats are intricately crafted by Bamileke women in West Cameroon. These artisans are master weavers, and each Juju Hat purchased from our Gallery directly supports them and helps keep traditional skills and crafts alive. 


 Each hat is authentic and takes 2-3 days to complete. It is handmade, consisting of dyed chicken feathers, colored using natural organic dyes. Each cured and dyed feather quill is carefully fitted one at a time and delicately wrapped in a black fabric and sewn into a basket-like base made of raffia. This makes it easy for the Juju Hat to fold up into itself to be very portable when moving or storing. A string attached to the back is used to pull the hat open to its full breath like a blossoming flower.






The Hats are made with love during the dry months of the year so the grass and feathers can dry before manufacture.




Today, Juju Hats have become a contemporary and colorful wall hanging for the home, offices, hotels, restaurants, and all types of interior spaces. Both elegant and dramatic, this one-of-a-kind piece sits on the wall strikingly in its affluence of shades and shapes. This iconic wall décor accessory is an object of rare beauty and will create a statement when displayed on a wall as part of a larger collection or simply on its own.




The Juju Hat adds texture and color and embodies that raw sense of Africa culture, craftsmanship, and heritage. Celebrate this in your home with these unique home decor pieces.

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