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The Making of the Bamileke Tables and Stools



The Bamileke Tribe lives within the larger cultural region known collectively as the Cameroon Grasslands. Although the Bamileke people share artistic traditions with the Bamum and Kom neighbors, they produce works with distinct characteristics. As a result, the Bamileke Tribe has developed some of the richest traditions in Africa.

The Bamileke Tables and Stools, brilliantly crafted by the Bamileke, are done entirely by hand from massive woods and come in various patterns and sizes.



They are hand-carved from hollowing out a single tree trunk. The process involves the artisan throwing the lumber into the river to soften it up for carving. The intricate rustic latticework pattern is then hand-carved into the hardwood.



As a piece of royal furniture, the Bamileke stools were traditionally used only for special ceremonial seating by the Bamileke Tribe. The traditional ornate woven patterns carved into the wood represent the web of the earth spider, a symbol of wisdom. The Bamileke people believe the web of the earth spider is also a link between this world and our ancestors; carving the web into these pieces allows departed loved ones to be connected to these ceremonies in spirit. In contemporary times, these decorative and functional stools have become popular furniture items. Bamileke stools are great pieces to ground any modern or tribal inspired space. The rich textures lend an organic, rustic, and earthy feeling to your décor. These multi-tasking pieces are an ideal coffee table, bedside table, corner table, or simple stool for any modern, eclectic living space. 

At Luangisa, we hope that every single sale of the Bamileke stools changes lives by giving our local artisans an element of hope and that these exquisite pieces bring joy to your life.


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